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Creative Web Design

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015 in Web Design |

If you are thinking about designing a website, there are many things that you should consider in order to deliver your message to your users. One of the most important things is to choose right style that will present your product or service. Modern Web design is simple, practical and efficient, but at the same time it should be original and creative.

If you want to be a different with your presentation, maybe you should try a different approach. Web designers nowadays are trying to create simple websites without too much illustrations or video files. Despite that you can bring a web design to life by introducing cartoon drawings. It is extremely creative and fun way to entertain your users and deliver the message. Try to choose style that fits your presentation and it will generate additional traffic. If you find a good cartoonist that is fun, cartoons from your presentation will be shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Current color design trend is designing web sites only in two colors. Such minimalistic approach is very practical; user is not distracted with unnecessary graphical elements, but it is focused on content. Another predominant approach nowadays is photorealism in web design. Photorealism is best used as technique for background images; it will add stunning effect for your presentation.

You can also experiment with transparency, because transparency is perfect way to enhance text above your photos and images. You will also reveal whole image, so if you are using high quality photo realistic images that is particularly important. Do not forget to use typography in your design, because good typography can improve readability of your content and it can help you to deliver your message easily. It will also be very creative way of expressing your ideas and engaging your visitors, the similar effect is attainable with patterns and textures. Visual effect of textures can be used for placing huge background image that may be made of small repetitive tiles.

Many designers recently are inspired by nature and eco themes, so you should consider designing your web presentation in similar mood. Such approach will create a connection with your users and some kind of organic feel and emotions. If you are not for this option, try abstract approach in your web design. It is very creative in terms of art form and freedom that you may have as designer. The good point is that the graphical elements of your design may be interpret by users as they like. That can give some nice and unique web designs. Finally, if you are old fashioned web designer, try retro design! It is very popular nowadays! Try to combine modern approach with retro art graphics to create original and creative presentation.

Best Search Optimization 2015 Tips

Posted by on Jul 31, 2015 in Search Engine Optimisation |

You should understand that PageRank is relative data created by Google and one of the most important aspects of proper rating is developing efficient navigation of your site.

If you want good results on Google you should link every page on your website with site map. Why it is important? It will allow spiders or webcrawlers to easily find any relevant content. This is one of the most important SEO tip that you can get. If you create a site map you will shorten access to any page and that will significantly increase your visibility and ranking. You should also use XML Site Maps in your advantage. Google simply want to insure that he uses gats the most relevant content and ensure this they use Google Sitemaps. If you use this tool you will discover great linking tool that will help you a lot with proper linking issues. You should also validate the accuracy of your source code, search engine optimization, and check for any broken links. Invest some time in finding and analyzing broken links, fixing them and checking again. You should also visit W3C site and check HTML and CSS codes.

You can use HTML Validation Tool and CSS Validation Tool to quickly check your code, so it can be properly listed by web spiders. You should also validate your search engine optimization with SEO Audit List, specialist that should contain webpage-level SEO structure, website-level SEO validation and off-page SEO strategies. When we are speaking about improving Off-Pages you should use social media, and check quality of your links. Use of social media is very important, it is powerful way to deliver huge traffic to your website. It is also important to check the quality of your links, and the good advice is not to build your links to fast. It is quality of links that is important, rather than quantity. Invest in good articles and place a quality link within. On that way your ranking will increase. Invest your resources in proper Keyword Analysis. You can use Google Keyword Planner to find right keywords and proper key phrases.

Make list of relevant keywords sorted by relevance. If you decide to use Google Keyword Planner you will be able to compare with other keyword analysis results. It is free SEO Tool that will help you to optimize your website very fast. Finding less competitive keywords is very important part of Search Engine Optimization because that will insure higher rankings. Try to define major key phrases rather than selecting just the single word. Make a list of relative keywords sorted by relevance and use those words in your article. That will help you to get high ranking in major search engines.

12 Important SEO Tips for Your Website

Posted by on Jul 6, 2015 in Scary-software, Search Engine Optimisation |

The online market is quite competitive, with millions of websites competing neck to neck for attracting prospective customers and attaining a high SEO rank. One of the main search engine optimisation website with excellent search tactis is SEO in Chattanooga. To optimize the website, correctly for search engines and thus increase user influx, it is important to follow the given tips:

1. Centre the website around a single topic:

The website should have a primary topic and all contents and keywords should centre around the main topic. Even if you include other stuff, it does not matter, as long as they are relevant to your primary topic. This step is important so it may help to do a little keyword research pertaining to the topic of your interest.

2. Optimal usage of keywords:

After you have performed a search on topic-relevant keywords, make sure to use them in the right manner. Their use should be somewhere between liberal and scarce. Also, be careful to include them in the title, tagline, page content as well as blog categories. If you are a user of WordPress, all these can be changed from the Central Settings or by using plugins.


3. Effective connectivity through links:

Most content managers do take care to connect the various links to the home page, but even if the one you hire, does not do it, you must link all the important pages of your website to each other and also to the primary web page. This makes the website more user-friendly and enhances connectivity.

4. Use permalinks containing keywords:

Many sites have ugly looking permalinks for their websites, which look like a random collection of numbers. This is really bad for SEO. Be careful to use a well-defined URL structure, which is replete with text and keywords.

5. Remove interfering elements from the website:

To increase the ease of page loading and user navigation, it is essential to get rid of disturbing elements from the website, like large images, music player ads, flash graphics and irritating plugins.

6. Keywords in concert with images:

Always use keywords in the image titles displayed in your website. This way the user gets to understand the website better and appreciate it. Also, this enhances user traffic in the long run.

7. Give links of similar websites:

This can be done by including things like a resources page, references, link list or a blogroll. It is a good feature, but it should be used sparingly because each link is actually a ‘vote’ for a competing website. However, by incorporating this feature, the authenticity of the website rises and consequently SEO rank increases.

8. Update website regularly:

Sites that are consistent in updating new information always rank higher than static websites. That is why web directories such as Wikipedia rank so high on search engines.

9. Make sure that the website is well-indexed in search engines:

Most search engines do hunt for quality content and automatically index them, but instead of counting on them blindly, you can add them directly.

10. Link other websites with your own:

This is extremely important in SEO. You should guest blog in other websites, as inbound links are important. 

11. Keep the domain name constant:

The URL’s age is n important factor in the website’s search ranking, so if you keep launching new blogs, you will never get the value, the website deserves.

12. Publish only quality content:

There is no middle route in this one. A foolproof way of attracting prospective clients, is by posting relevant content.


By following the aforementioned 12 important SEO tips for your website, you can expect a high SEO in no time at all! Within a few months of implementing these steps, you can hope for optimum results.